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Mornings With Lucas Banack


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I had the opportunity to interview Steven Page ahead of his show at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Preforming Arts Centre on March 16th.  We talked about his BNL past, moments of Canadiana and of course his cross Canada tour. Click here to hear what Steven had to say.





That's about right.




Me too Homer, me too.





For the guy who just doesn't have time to shower this summer in between playing his acoustic guitar around the campfire and waxing poetic about his playing of his guitar around the campfire; there's now Giant Wet Wipes!  A doctor designed the human sized wipes for soliders in Afghanistan but has begun marketing them to campers, concert goers and plain old hipsters.  Would you trade your shower for a  giant wet wipe that fits in your pocket?





People see the images of influential folks on many items; from chips to blueberry muffins to the backs of billboards.  One place I don't imagine people see a lot of faces is on the bathroom floor.  That's where Clayton Litten claims he saw Donald Trump's face.  The man recently rennovated his bathroom and says one of the tiles bears the face to the Presidential candidate.  Personally I think it looks like a wolf or an owl but what do you think?






If only we could all be like this guy.  He gets along with everyone!




 The annual Sports Illustraed Swimsuit edition is set to hit newstands and the folks at Snickers poked a little fun at photoshop errors that we tend to see in magazines.  Can you spot what's wrong?




The first trailer for the Captain America: Civil War is out and it is amazing!





Would a warning label on the gas pump make you reconsider your road trip?  That's what some people in Vancouver are hoping as they are petitioning the city to add warning labels to the pumps making us more aware of Global Warming.  In more urban area's where public transportation is easier to come by, it may be a good idea but I don't think it will make much of an impact in Alberta.






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